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Cryptomancy Info

I just wanted to make a post that would be a self-contained source of info about my ongoing/neverending fiction project titled "Cryptomancy." Inspiration pictures can be found here.

This project was (for me) the natural outgrowth from a roleplaying forum in which I participate(d) actively, Clockwork Lullabye. In the game(s) there, I have a character whose backstory interested me enough to want to explore it through a series of vignettes. I have titled my own personal project "Cryptomancy" after a short story I wrote as part of a collaborative fiction project on the same website.

THE STORY SO FAR is pretty hard to summarize here, and if you're genuinely interested in it, I would suggest just reading through some of the entries in the index. To give you something to go on, I will say that this is a work of historical fantasy set in early eighteenth century London, and seems to have strayed into Faery. If you don't like history, alchemy, fairies, or magic, this might not be the story for you. If you do like those things, then maybe it is!


The Stolen Child
Part 1

The "Repost", or Where It All Begins.
And So On...
Keep Turning the Pages...?
The Woman Behind the Door
When I Awoke, I Was Back In My Bed
The Next Page
She Grew In My Mind
Back to the Story
He Nodded
Father and Son
A Somewhat Unsurprising Development
Back to the Story (2)
Newgate Prison, 1701
Newgate Prison, 1701 (2)
and now back to the story
Laboratories of the Esoteric Brotherhood, 1701
The Laboratory Cellars of the Esoteric Brotherhood, 1701
An Underground Corridor, 1701
Untitled (2)
Untitled (3)
you would not believe how long it has taken me to write this
Covent Gardens, 1701
Covent Gardens, 1701 (2)
Covent Gardens, 1701 (again...)
Covent Gardens, 1701 (the last)

Part 2
In the Space Between Dreaming and Awake
In the Space Between Dreaming and Awake
On the Road
In which our heroes make a retreat
The Rookery
Because He Is All Alone
Pattern Recognition
The King's Daughters
I Do Not Want to Know
The Real Stories of Merry-Chase
Conspiracy Part 1
The Collection
Best You Hurry / Francis
Dark Birds
The People You Want to See / Bug
A Promise in the Shadows
A Promise in the Shadows Part 2
You Again?
Conspiracy Part 2
The Top Aviary
Goodbye, Goodbye
The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Out of Continuity
these posts are part of the larger story, but are out of the main continuity. They are set in other time periods, mainly, but I reserve the right to post things that are related in some other way in the future.
Cryptomancy, the short story that started it all.
Untitled, memoirs
Clippings, a newspaper clipping
Looking back on a life half-remembered, naval gazing
Memoirs, Part 1, similar in content to the "repost," the first post in the story
Memoirs, Part 2, not similar to anything at all
Later... no really, I mean a LOT later
Kiss in the Dark, an attempt in the style of T.S. Eliot, Bug's perspective



October 2011

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